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Death of a Catfish 

Meet my Catfish … notice the color of her hair … she claimed it was the lighting.. lol .. All you have to do is look up Spa services for the Sabi Sabi game reserve.. the picture is from one of their advertisements.. The famous ” Africa” trip that kept her from meeting with me for the first couple of months .. oh but wait for it .. the story gets even more interesting … Available on Amazon in the fall of 2017… Great read .. Christmas gift ?? Can’t afford to buy ?? A select few will be given away, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on  this incredible story of betrayal and heartbreak…



  1. When you read my story you’ll see all the screen shots of some of the sick excuses used for “not showing up” .. Faking her mothers death .. well, it didn’t matter how much I wanted to find out who she was .. I had to draw the line at that point .. This is “Ami Wynn” … AKA Susan White Avera .. I’ll never really know why she picked me .. maybe because I had been single for so long .. maybe because I wasn’t in the best of  health .. Susan I believe has mental problems or just stone cold cruel .. she won’t be able to hide anymore from the things she’s done .. no shame .. Death of a Catfish will be available this summer on Amazon ..  Author Tela Louise                                       
  2. This picture is not Susan or Ami .. her name is Charlotte and she is deceased.. BTW in case you’re confused Ami Wynn doesn’t exist.. Susan made a fake profile using this picture  …