Almost Three years ago my heart stopped beating .. 

Silence .. you don’t even realize that you can actually hear your heart beating until it stops .. 


Reach ..

My Ladder
When I was younger, I always ended every letter with… “Reach for Rapture”… Not knowing what that really meant until now…(I am still learning)….With this book, I want to take you on a soulful journey…conveying Rapture with infectious brio, recalling anguish with touching candor. Sharing intimate accounts of my spiritual journey….with some insight and a lot of humor that only comes from honest self-revelation and hopefully (good writing). I decided to change the names throughout this book for various reasons…..mainly because most people who had a friendship or relationship with me did not realize they would later appear as a character in a book..The journey tho intriguing is also heart breaking…No problem here flaunting my psychic wounds while searching for faith…..and finding my “self ” …well that was just a big bonus ….